Someone Ranted and Raved About on

We always enjoy someone making fun of us. The other day we posted an article that detailed FOX29 reporting on traffic signs outside the Home Depot on Alan Wood Road that say “right away” instead of “right of way.” FOX29 had a typo in its article, so we made fun of FOX29 for busting chops and then making its own mistake. At the end of the article, we acknowledged that someone would take this opportunity to point out mistakes we have made. It is a vicious cycle of grammar failure.

Today we noticed some incoming traffic from and went to take a look. Here is what we found:








While we realize our grammar isn’t always perfect, we won’t stand for someone criticizing our selection of pop culture photos we use to accompany certain articles.

The article was about bad grammar. We used a photo from the 1987 classic “Summer School” starring Mark Harmon. It is totally appropriate.

There was also a second post on that was flagged and we weren’t able to view it before it was removed. We can only imagine what that one said. We felt like Brad Pitt at the end of Seven asking what was in the box.