State Senator Daylin Leach Calls Fellow Democrat “a toxic hand grenade”

State Senator Daylin Leach (D), who represents West Conshohocken and Plymouth Township, was accused by eight women late last year of “unwanted touching and sexually charged conversations” according to He apparently survived the accusations and continues to serve (he did drop a bid for Congress).

After the accusations came out, Governor Wolf (D) was among those that called on him to resign. Another person that called on him to resign was a fellow Democrat running for a State Senate seat in another district. That candidate, Katie Muth, who is a rape survivor, recently asked a high school Democratic Party organization holding an event to not appear on the same stage as Leach. Leach didn’t take that well and fired off an email to the head of the Montgomery County Democratic Committee and referred to Muth as “a toxic hand grenade.”


After the Inquirer and Daily News reported that eight women had accused Leach of unwanted touching and sexually charged conversations, Muth demanded that Leach resign. She also criticized him for lashing out at several women on social media afterward; he called one “a human wrecking ball of hate.”

So Muth’s campaign contacted the organizers of the event — a high school Democratic organization to which Leach’s teenage daughter belongs — and told them exactly why she didn’t want to appear with the senator. He was dropped.

Shortly thereafter, Leach fired off an angry email to Joe Foster, chairman of Montgomery County’s Democratic Party. He called Muth “a dreadful person” and “a toxic hand grenade.”

Leach seems to feel very safe in regards to his hold on his seat in the State Senate. He also threatened to derail Muth’s campaign. Also from regarding the content of the email:

Leach also claimed that Muth soon would be “irrelevant to our lives,” while he would be a senator fighting for progressive issues “for many years to come.”

“Our ‘truce’ is over,” Leach proclaimed. “I will do all I can to make sure people know.”

After the dust-up Leach, through an aide, Leach apologized and offered Muth his support.

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