Statement from Plymouth Township Police Department on Overnight Accident

The Plymouth Township Police Department has released a statement on the accident that occurred last night at the intersection of Ridge Pike and Chemical Road that resulted in three deaths. The statement confirms there were three deaths and one person remains in critical condition.

Below is the statement:

Last night at approximately 11:50PM, the Plymouth Township Police Department responded to a two-vehicle crash at the five-point intersection of Ridge Pike, Chemical Rd, North Lane and Colwell Lane. The crash resulted in the deaths of three people in the involved vehicles. There was a fourth person who was injured in the crash and subsequently transported to the Temple University Hospital and is in critical condition.

The crash occurred when a Honda Pilot traveling at a high rate of speed west bound on Ridge Pike, failed to negotiate the curve approaching Chemical Rd. The Honda crossed over the median into the eastbound travel lane and into the path of a Dodge Grand Caravan traveling eastbound on Ridge Pike. The Honda struck the Dodge in a head-on, offset crash, causing the driver of the Dodge to become entrapped in the vehicle. The driver was unresponsive, suffered massive injuries, and was pronounced dead at the scene. The occupants of the Honda included the driver and two passengers. The crash caused the driver of the Honda to also become entrapped in his vehicle. The driver suffered massive injuries, was unresponsive, and pronounced dead at the scene. A passenger in the Honda was severely injured when he was ejected from the vehicle. Upon striking the roadway, he suffered massive injuries, and was pronounced dead at the crash scene. The third person in the Honda was severely injured and transported to the Temple University Hospital where he is currently in critical condition.

We extend our deepest sympathies to the victims of this horrific crash and their families. Our officers, firefighters and medics worked throughout the night to investigate this tragic event and care for the victims as best we could.

As in all catastrophic events, our response was a joint effort. Assisting our officers at the crash scene were the Whitemarsh and Conshohocken Police Departments, Plymouth and Narberth Ambulance Companies, Plymouth and Harmonville Fire Companies, Fire Police from Plymouth, Harmonville, Barren Hill, Center Square, Norristown and Washington Fire Companies as well as the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

We request that anyone with information regarding this incident contact our Detective Unit at 610-279-1901.