Statement from the Moore Family of EF Moore Chevrolet

To the residents and business owners of Conshohocken:

First, we would like to make it clear that we are NOT going out of business. We are still providing many of the same services we have offered for the last 90 years. Things have changed somewhat, through no control of our own, after General Motors decided to end its contract with us. But we are still here and still going strong.

As for the Wawa issue. Much like many of the “mom and pop” businesses who claim to protest the new Wawa, we are also a “mom and pop” business who has been serving the community for nearly a century. In a perfect world, we would continue serving the Conshohocken community for generations to come. But due to circumstances out of our control, we have been forced to look into options for the property, one of which is a proposed sale to Wawa.

As a Conshohocken landmark for nearly a century, we have a vested interest in the future of the community. Multiple employees and Moore family members also live in Conshohocken, and have always been strong supporters of the community. Wawa has been very concerned with the future of the community during our discussions, and will be a strong member of the community, should they take over our site.

We understand that those who are “opposed” to the Wawa for their own personal interests (such as retaining their business monopoly on the community) may never listen to the other side of the discussion. But for everyone else, I hope you will listen to the Wawa representatives and realize that this is a company that has done this many times before, with nothing but positive results. The fact that they are holding multiple meetings to listen to community input — yes, these meetings are organized by Wawa, not the so-called “activists” who are trying to stop it — should tell you about their attention to detail. Listen, ask questions, and make your own decisions instead of being “convinced” by PR firms, rolling billboards and bright flyers under your door.

Timothy Moore
Moore Chevrolet