Survey | Your top three issues for the 2021 municipal election

There is an election this year that mainly focuses on municipal boards, school boards, and the judiciary. For the purposes of this survey, we are going to focus on the municipal board election.

Seats up for election locally are below. Please note that we included who currently holds the seat because many might know who their elected representative is, but not the ward they live in. This is not meant to imply those listed are running for re-election.

Borough of Conshohocken
Borough Council – Ward 2 (currently held by Ike Griffin)
Borough Council – Ward 4 (currently held by Anita Barton)
Borough Council – Ward 6 (currently held by Bob Stokley)
Mayor (currently held by Yaniv Aronson)

Borough of West Conshohocken
Borough Council – Three at-large seats for four years
(currently held by José Gonzalez, Tori Conicello-Emery, and Steve Blumenthal)
Borough Council – One at-large seat for two years
(currently held by Jack Cooper)
Mayor (currently held by Danelle Fournier)

Plymouth Township
Council – One at-large seat (currently held by Karen Bramblet)
Council – Ward 1 (currently held by David Gannon)
Council – Ward 3 (currently held by Marty Higgins)

Whitemarsh Township
Board of Supervisors – Two at-large
(currently held by Michael Drossner and Fran McCusker)

Please consider taking the survey below. It is anonymous and does not require providing contact information. Your answers will help determine which issues to ask candidates about during the election.