The Freedom Valley Chronicles: The Millennium Fire – Part Eight Fighting The Hotspots

On August 14, 2008 – the day after the Millennium Fire – a number of fire fighters and others were engaged in activities to protect what remained of Riverwalk At Millennium.

With the skies beautiful, water was sprayed on the remains of Riverwalk At Millennium.

The Upper Gwynedd Township Fire Department is seen spraying water on hotspots that could potentially reignite the fire.

Sections of Riverwalk At Millennium escaped much damage, while other areas of the rental housing complex were destroyed.

A close-up of two fire fighters from the Upper Gwynedd Township Fire Department helping to protect Conshohocken.

The roof is gone from this section of Riverwalk At Millennium.

Fire fighters continued to work the scene of the fire at Riverwalk At Millennium.

This boat ramp was used as part of the fire fighting operations. Note the pipe to the center right of this photo. That pipe was one of the ways that fire fighters obtained needed water from the Schuylkill to fight this fire.

The daylight showed the impact of the fire on the hoselines used at Riverwalk At Millennium. Montgomery County confirmed some of the hoselines were destroyed by the fire.

The next news column will detail some of the aftermath of the Millennium Fire.

The photographs are courtesy of TrafficDan Miller, August 14, 2008.

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