The Plymouth Meeting Mall’s Plan for the Former Macy’s Space

We were doing some research today and came across something we missed. PREIT, the owner of The Plymouth Meeting Mall, went before Plymouth Township’s Council in February to ask that it waive the land development approval requirements for the space formally occupied by Macy’s.

Within the minutes from the meeting, a representative of PREIT mentions that the plan is to divide the space into six units, four for retail and two for restaurants. The large plaza like curb in front of the former Macy’s on the Germwntown side of the building will also be removed to create additional parking spaces.

From the minutes:

a.Plymouth Meeting Mall Plans – Mr. Clarke read the resolution whereas Plymouth Township Council does hereby waive the Land Development approval requirements for the redevelopment of the area previously occupied by Macy’s located at the Plymouth Meeting Mall.

The property is owned and developed by Plymouth Ground Associates L.P. and PREIT which is located at 500 W. Germantown Pike as depicted on the plan by Bohler Engineering under and subject to the conditions read. Mr. Manero made a motion to approve the resolution and was seconded by Mr. Gannon.

Mr. Higgins stated that the resolution basically is to redevelop
the old Macy’s store. The developer is requesting to waive the Land Develop process and to divide the space to bring in new tenants.

Carolyn Nickels – 3110 Jolly Road asked if there was a proposed use yet for the location. Michael Mattioni was present this evening representing PREIT. Mr. Mattioni stated that the proposed plan is to divide the space into four retail spaces and two restaurants. It will be basically the same footprint. Fifty-one parking spaces will be added in addition to stormwater management and a rain garden.

Mr. Manai stated that there will be stormwater improvements, handicap access, new curbing and sidewalks added.

Jill Connolly – 16 Valley Creek asked where the parking spaces will be. Mr. Mattioni stated that there is a large curb area that will be removed and this will provide fifty-one extra spaces.
A roll call vote was taken and the motion passed 5-0 with Ms.
Bramblett, Ms. Bruno, Mr. Gannon, Mr. Higgins, and Mr. Manero in favor.

Earlier this month, PREIT announced that Forever 21 has signed a lease at the mall.