The Value of a Single-Family (detached) Home in Conshy

Looking for that special single (detached) family home in the borough of Conshohocken? Want a little more space to settle down, plant your roots, and raise a family? Well, deciding to live in the Borough and take advantage of all this great community has to offer is the easy part. The challenge might be finding that single (detached) family home in town.

Start by driving up and down the neighborhood streets. You will see the majority of homes are row homes, townhomes, and twins (semi-detached). Along the drive, you’ll notice a blend of older inventory and plenty of new construction or “in-fill” as the industry refers to the new construction with-in the same blocks and of the older, character building housing inventory. You’ll soon start to notice the vast majority of the Borough’s inventory is not singles. This is a common occurrence in smaller Boroughs throughout the Delaware Valley.

In 2009 there were 109 homes sold, of which 18 were single family homes or just 17%. You’re thinking 2009 was just a whacky year? If we look back to 2008, the total of homes sold were 105 and 14 were singles or 13%. A similar story for 2007, total homes sold was 132 and 19 were singles which is 14%.
If you look at the above numbers, you can see the percentages are not in your favor or better said there is not a ton of supply. We didn’t even get into the conditions of these single family homes or the exact location.

What does this mean? If you have a single family home in the Borough, enjoy it and appreciate how special it is. If you are buying one, understand that it may take more time and research to find one, but chances are it will be well worth the wait. Of course, if you decide that the school district is where you want to be and don’t have the time to wait for a single to come on the market. There are many neighboring towns with a higher percentage of single family homes. It’ll just mean driving in to take advantage of this great town!