Tommy Greene and Ricky Bottalico at Guppy’s Good Times on April 13th

Every April Guppy’s Good Times raises funds for a local girl named Janie Carbo. Janie was born with a rare genetic disorder called MIDAS syndrome (Microphthalmia, Dermal Apalsia, Sclerocornea) which only affects females. Along with several other medical deficiencies MIDAS has left Janie blind since birth. Her left eye is under developed which requires her to wear a glass eye. This disorder is so rare that Janie was the first case at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Although the doctors told this precious little girl’s parents she would only have 10 months to live, today she is a loving 13 year old girl.

Tonight (Thursday, April 13th) from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. the celebrity guest bartenders are former Phillies’ Tommy Greene and Ricky Bottalico. Below is the full line-up for every Thursday.