View the Two Proposals for the Verizon Building, Grass Area and Old Fire House

We just received the two proposals submitted by Keystone Property Group and Brandywine Realty Trust in response to the RFP issued by the Redevelopment Authority for the redevelopment of the Verizon Building, the grass area at the corner of West Elm and Fayette and the old fire house behind the current Washington Fire Company.

We skimmed through them and will provide further analysis at a later time, however, please note:

  • The Brandywine sketch for the firehouse area that the illustrated building shows approximate size, but is not a final architectural solution

  • Keystone already owns adjacent properties such as office building at 100 West First Avenue and the adjacent parking deck.  The redevelopment of those properties is included within their overall proposal

For now, here they are available for download: