Watch a Car Follow Another Car Until They End Up at the Conshohocken Police Station

A user, RA4, posted the below video of a car following him after an alleged road rage incident. At the :24 mark in the video, RA4 passes and then changes lanes and goes back to his original lane. How closely RA4 may have cut off the driver is unclear. The other driver then pulls up next to RA4 to apparently complain about his driving skills. RA4 doesn’t respond and then the other driver begins to follow him.

The incident starts on Chemical Road, crosses Ridge and then they drive around Conshy a little. Eventually RA4 pulls into the Conshohocken Police Station driveway on West 5th Avenue. At that the point, the driver of the other car blocks RA4’s car in the driveway.

Once at the police station, RA4 calls the police. The whole things occurs over approximately 20 minutes. According to the description on the page the situation ended as follows:

The resolution: The cops said it happened in a different jurisdiction and no real laws were broken. It wasn’t worth calling the police from that town to investigate. They told me I did the right thing and gave him a warning.