West Conshohocken and Lafayette Hill’s Wawas up for worst Wawa parking lot

Barstool Philly has released a 64 parking lot bracket to determine the worst Wawa parking lot in the Philadelphia region.

They have been asking for suggestions on Twitter in recent days to determine the bracket and the location in West Conshohocken got a lot of buzz. The Lafayette Hill location is also included.

The backets are below. The West Conshy location is the Crawford Avenue address in the Franklin region. The Lafayette Hill location can be found in the Phanatic Region.

To vote, you need to view Barstool Philly’s Instagram Story (here) and click on the address on each slide. The brackets are below.

The schedule for voting is the Phanatic and Franklin regions on Thursday, March 21st. The Gritty and Swoop regions on Friday, March 22nd. The round of 32 will be on Monday, March 25th, the round of 16 on March 27th, and the round of eight on March 29th.