West Conshohocken Private Equity Firm Invests in Honeygrow’s Expansion

The Philadelphia Business Journal reports that a West Conshohocken private equity firm, Miller Investment Management, has invested in fast-casual restaurant chain Honeygrow. Honeygrow currently has four locations, with four locations designated for coming soon. They are all in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. From the Journal:

Honeygrow, a three-year-old chain of 4 “fast-casual” meat-and-veg stir-fry/salad/fruit-plate restaurants targeting affluent and college neighborhoods for $8-15 lunches, says it has raised $20 million in new investment money from Scott Miller’s $1.6 billion-asset Conshohocken investment firm, Miller Investment Management, and from previous investors including Brook Lenfest (a son of Inquirer owner Gerry Lenfest).

Miller Investment Management has previously invested in restaurant chains such as Five Guys and Jake’s Sandwich Board.

Please note that the quote used states that Miller Investment Manager is in Conshy, it is actually in West Conshy.