West Conshohocken Resident Addresses Bags of Dog Poop Being Placed in His Trashcan

A West Conshohocken resident, Dan, recently took to Facebook to complain about dog owners coming onto his property to dispose of bags of dog poop in his trash can. His first post read:

I want to ask whoever is responsible for throwing their doggie poop bags in my trash can to stop. I noticed five bags in there this morning when I was putting my trash out. I believe you’re putting it in my neighbors trash can as well. Much appreciated!

A few days later Dan found more bags of poop in his trashcan. He posted the above photo and commented:

I am not trying to beat a dead horse. Again, there are four bags full of dog shit that are untied. I have to take them out and put them in a bag and tie that up. Enough is enough. If you own a dog in West Conshohocken take your dog shit home with you and put it in your own trash. I have had enough of ignorant people.

All of this led to a big discussion on why its a big deal (coming on private property, creating a mess in someone else’s trashcan because the bags aren’t tied, what the local ordinance is on the topic, it being an issue for those who collect the trash, and various other things).

Some people felt it wasn’t a big deal as long as the bags were tied tightly. Some felt that if the trashcan was on the curb, it was less of a big deal. One person even said they flush their dog’s poop down the toilet.

The above photo was posted of doggie poop bags laying randomly on Ford Street.

So are people placing bags filled with their dog’s poop in your trashcan (or letting them poop in your yard)?

Let us know your thoughts on this issue in the comments.

Photo: Top photo of Truimph from YouTube.com.