What is it really like to work at RE/MAX Ready?

What is it really like to work at RE/MAX Ready?

“I made a fortuitous change to RE/MAX Ready two years ago when I was well into my third decade of being a Realtor.”

Realtor Carol Albert, Associate Broker, is a true industry leader. With her education and longtime experience, joining RE/MAX Ready has enabled her to reach new levels of satisfaction and success with broker-owners Eric Rehling and Matt Mittman.

“I’m a happy camper at RE/MAX Ready. They totally support my work. Everything gets done the right way and I know that Matt and Eric care about me as a person, and my well-being. Matt and Eric are always available to help with issues that invariably come up.”

Equally compelling to Carol are the personal and professional advantages of affiliating with RE/MAX Ready.

“I learn something new with each and every office meeting we have. The office environment is 100% about integrity, education, and helping each agent to reach their potential. It is a place where agents are supported and rewarded for their efforts. Everyone in the office helps with everything we need and Office Manager Ursula Campbell is simply the best in the business. She is indispensable to our success every day.”

Carol’s message to agents is –

“RE/MAX Ready has superb leadership and efficient business operations that make us all winners here. I am thrilled to be in this office. It is one of the best decisions I have made for my real estate career.”