What to do with Christmas Trees in Conshohocken, West Conshohocken, Plymouth and Whitemarsh

Wondering what to do with your Christmas tree? Here are the local schedules for collection:


Conshohocken’s Public Works will collect Christmas trees on Wednesdays with yard waste. Remove all decorations and they do not collect tree stands or plastic tree bags with yard waste.

Plymouth Township

Residents are asked to put their used Christmas Trees out for collection on any Yard Waste Wednesday in January.  The Public Works Department will collect the trees and process them.  For the safety of Township employees, residents must remove all ornaments, lights, stands, etc.  The wood chips are turned into mulch, which is free for the taking at the Public Works driveway, 700 Belvoir Road.

West Conshohocken

Christmas trees can be put out with your regular trash. Don’t worry about decorations this year, but next year West Conshohocken will have a plan in place to have the trees to be turned into wood chips.

Whitemarsh Township

Christmas Trees can be left out with regular yard waste for pick up every Wednesday by J.P. Mascaro.  There is no special tree pick up schedule.