Whitemarsh Township | 2021 General Election | Sample Ballots and How to Vote

The general election is quickly approaching. It is scheduled for Tuesday, November 2nd. Below are sample ballots and polling locations for each precinct in the Whitemarsh Township. If you do not know your precinct, you can determine your polling location here.

The deadline to register to vote for the general election was October 18th. You can check to see if you are registered to vote here.

If you want to vote by mail, the deadline is October 26th and instructions can be found here.

If you are planning to drop your ballot at one of the 11 drop boxes in the county, details on locations can be found here.

Below are the sample ballots and polling locations for residents of the Whitemarsh Township.

East-1 – St Thomas Church Parish House at 608 Church Street.
East 1 Ballot – Sample Ballot

East-2 – St Pauls United Church Of Christ at 440 Bethlehem Pike.
East 2 Ballot – Sample Ballot

Middle-1 – Miles Park Building at 4021 Joshua Road.
Middle 1 Ballot – Sample Ballot

Middle-2 – Plymouth Meeting Evangelical Congregational Church at 42 E. Germantown Pike.
Middle 2 Ballot – Sample Ballot

Middle-3 – Messiah United Methodist Church at 527 Ridge Pike.
Middle 3 Ballot – Sample Ballot

Middle-4 – Whitemarsh Elementary School at 4120 Joshua Rd.
Middle 4 Ballot – Sample Ballot

Middle-5 – Whitemarsh Elementary School at 4120 Joshua Rd.
Middle 5 Ballot – Sample Ballot

West-1 – Spring Mill Fire Company at 1210 East Hector Street.
West 1 Ballot – Sample Ballot

West-2 – Cedar Grove Park Barn at 100 Cedar Grove Road.
West 2 Ballot – Sample Ballot

West-3 Whitemarsh Elementary School 4120 Joshua Rd.
West 3 Ballot – Sample Ballot