Whitemarsh Township releases draft zoning changes that could bring more apartments and townhouses to area of Spring Mill Train Station in Conshohocken

Whitemarsh Township has released a draft document that outlines significant zoning changes to the area around the Spring Mill Train Station in Conshohocken (Whitemarsh Township). This draft follows a recent study of the Spring Mill area that recommended increasing the density and types of uses allowed in proximity to the train station, along with creating more connectivity and access to the riverfront.

From the draft document:

The purpose of the SM-MU District is to continue the transformation of the Spring Mill area into a vibrant and walkable mixed use destination center. The requirements of this District are intended to support the vision of the Township’s Comprehensive Plan by allowing for creative redevelopment and infill projects that increase local housing, retail, entertainment, and employment opportunities served by public transit

You can view the draft document here. The map at the top of the article can be found on the last page.

Even though this is not yet approved or even on an agenda as of yet, developers are making moves.

On January 23rd the Whitemarsh Township Planning Commission recommended to the township’s board of supervisors the subdivision of the two parking lots along East North Lane and Righter Street that are part of the Spring Mill Campus office park. A representative of the office park’s owner, Alliance HP, stated during the meeting that while there is no current plan the intent is to eventually redevelop one of the parking lots with housing. The board of supervisors are set to vote on granting the subdivision during the February 8th meeting (agenda).

Another developer, High Top Development, presented a sketch plan to the township’s planning commission during the same January 3rd meeting. It is proposing to redevelop the David’s Bridal property with apartments (on top of the existing parking deck) and townhouses where the current office building stands. While the developer did not seek a recommendation from the planning commission, the proposal was reviewed and the members of the commission offered their input (we will have a separate article on that). It is important to note that this proposal was presented under the current zoning.

More to come.

Photo: Map from draft document