Winners of the Ultimate Conshohocken Chicken Sandwich Contest crowned

The winners of the Ultimate Conshohocken Chicken Sandwich Contest presented by the Home Experts For You Real Estate Team were crowned on August 24th. Southern Cross Kitchen was the overall winner and Bar Lucca won for the highest score from the judges.

Southern Cross Kitchen won the overall title by selling the most chicken sandwiches between August 9-13 and then placed in a three-way tie for second with the judges.

Southern Cross Kitchen
Hot Honey Fried Chicken Sandwich

Fried chicken on toasted brioche with bee sting sauce, ranch, and pickles. Served with fries.

Bar Lucca
Garlic Knot Chicken Parm Sliders

Two handmade garlic knots, fried chicken, asiago, chili mayo, and tomato sauce. Served with fries.

The top five chicken sandwiches with the judges were:

1. Bar Lucca
2. Southern Cross Kitchen
2. Finger Wings and Other Things
2. The StoneRose
5. Bar Sera

Fifteen restaurants participated in the challenge and committed to donate $1 for every chicken sandwich sold during the contest (50 cents if sold through a delivery app). Altogether, approximately $800 was raised for the Colonial Neighborhood Council, which manages the local food bank and Meals on Wheels program.

You can watch the crowing ceremonies below: