Winter Weather Takes Toll on The Grande

Over the past couple of days the freezing temperatures have resulted in the sprinkler system and/or a water main and/or a hot water heater (we have heard all three) bursting and causing severe water damage to several condos within The Grande.

We spoke to a current resident who gave us some details on the situation and provided some photos.

Grande inside wall missing

According to the resident, yesterday’s source of water was in Building 3 and up to six condos were damaged.  The day before in Building 2, there was a similar burst and the condo where the burst occurred was demolished, along with the condos on either side of it and all of the condos directly below those three.

inside grande hallway 2

Residents in the less effected areas have drying units to help with the clean-up.

inside grande hallway

Another view of a hallway.

grande inside ground fireman

We first that something was happening at The Grande when a few readers messages us to let us know that West Elm Street was lined with emergency vehicles in front of the condo community.