2019 Municipal and School Board Elections

Glad the recent election is over? Well get ready, the 2019 primary election is under seven months away.

Below is a breakdown of the the seats up in 2019. Please note that no one listed as an incumbent has announced they will be seeking re-election.

Borough Council in Conshohocken

Ward 1 (incumbent Karen Tutino, D)
Ward 3 (incumbent Tina Sokolowski, D)
Ward 5 (incumbent Jane Flanagan, D)
Ward 7 (incumbent Colleen Leonard, D)

Board of Supervisors in Whitemarsh Township

Three seats are up for election on Whitemarsh’s Board of Supervisors. In Whitemarsh candidates run as a slate for their party and overall the three individuals that receive the most votes win.

The incumbents are Amy Grossman (D), Mindy Schwartz Sterling (D) and Laura Boyle Nestor (D). Grossman is ineligible to run due to term limits.

Council in Plymouth Township

There are two seats up for election on Plymouth’s Council. Plymouth’s system has term limits and Ward 4’s Lenore Bruno (R) has served two consecutive terms and thus can not run this cycle. The other seat is Ward 2, where Chris Manero (D) is the incumbent.

Colonial School Board

There are five seats up for election on the Colonial School Board. The school board is interesting in that most candidates crossfile and appear on the ballot of both parties.

The members up for re-election if the choose are Felix Raimondo, Leslie Finegold, Susan Moore, Cathy Peduzzi and Mel Brodsky. All are Democrats.

Brodsky has stated he does not intend to run in 2019.

West Conshohocken’s Borough Council

There are five seats up for election on West Conshohocken’s Borough Council. The incumbents are

Richard Maccarone (R)
Richard Greenstein (D)
Tara Gorney (D)
Jack Cooper (D)
Danelle Fournier (D)

Thinking About Running?

We would love to talk with you if you are thinking about running. We are happy to keep it confidential until you decide to make a candidacy public. Email us at kevin@morethanthecurve.com.