256 Apartments Proposed for Conshohocken’s Riverfront Near The Grande

We usually hear about this type of thing when its being developed, but this one took us by surprise.

There is a proposal to build 256 apartments to the west of the Matsonford Bridge between the river and The Grande, a condo community along West Elm Street. No specific address is provided in the zoning notice. It just states it is Washington Street.

This is not to be confused with the already approved, but not yet built, 300 apartments just west of the bridge at 51 Washington Street.

There is also a plan to move the train station up to near Oak Street. If our information is accurate, the proposed apartments would be just upriver from the new train station.

The zoning notice, which you can viewed here, outlines several variances sought by the developer, High Street Conshohocken I, LLC. We have not been able to figure out the name of the actual developer with this LLC.

The property is owned by The Sara R. Neve 2015 Riverfront Property Trust.

The hearing before the Zoning Hearing Board is scheduled for Monday, May 13th at 7:00 p.m. at Borough Hall at 400 Fayette Street.

Please note the red circle on the top image indicates where we believe the apartments are proposed. We will have a more definitive answer on Monday night.