270 Unit Apartment Community Proposed for Conshohocken’s Riverfront

A Whitemarsh Township planning notification today mentioned a proposed apartment community for 601 Washington Street in Conshohocken. The proposal is projected to be on the agenda before the Planning Commission on February 12th, Below is the notice:

SLD#09-18 601 Washington Street Associates, LP, 601 Washington Street, Conshohocken, PA; Sketch Plan; 270 Unit
Residential Apartment Complex

A couple of notes.

A multi-family complex is allowed in this zoning district (which has two overlays). There is not going to be a discussion on whether apartments are allowed. They are.

What, if any, approvals are needed have not yet been outlined.

You can view the submitted concept plan here.

There are currently approximately 900 approved, but unbuilt, apartments in Conshohocken. One is located along the 400 block of Washington Street (just down river from Riverwalk) and the other is at 51 Washington Street (between the train station and the river).

The developer is listed as Kyle King of 601 Washington Associates.

This community will bring the total of unbuilt apartments on Conshohocken’s riverfront to approximately 1,200.

There is also currently a 75 unit townhome community going through the approval process in Whitemarsh Township for 901 Washington Street.

Add all that to:

  • The under-construction SORA West (and office and hotel complex) at the corner of West Elm Street and Fayette Street, which will add at least 1200 cars (this is how big the garage is) on weekdays
  • The approved, but unbuilt, Seven Tower Bridge in Conshohocken (255,000 square feet)
  • The approved, but unbuilt, 400 West Elm office building in Conshohocken (340,000 square feet)
  • The approved, but unbuilt, 400 Barr Harbor Drive in West Conshohocken (220,000 square feet)

More to come.