7th Heaven Property Sold to Owner of the Spring Mill Corporate Center

Sources tell MoreThanTheCurve.com that the 7th Heaven property has been sold to the owner of the Spring Mill Corporate Center. Known locally, and frankly regionally, as the Conshy Ballet, the bar and strip club has been open since the early 1990’s. Prior to that it was a neighborhood bar called Jack’s.

One source said that it is believed that the club could stay open for a while longer. We texted the owner late last night, but have not received a response yet (he didn’t respond to a previous text in late March). The sale is for the property is reported to not include the liquor license. That means the ownership of 7th Heaven could sell the license or open in another location. The addition of beer and wine sales at grocery stores has really driven up the value of liquor licenses. A “R” license, which 7th Heaven operates under, is currently worth about a half-million dollars (and just wait to Wawa starts to fully enter into the beer sales market).

These type of clubs are usually relegated to more industrial or out of the way areas on the edges of municipal borders. Where 7th Heaven is located use to be highly industrial and exists on the edge of Whitemarsh Township near the Borough of Conshohocken border. The redevelopment of the community saw the conversion of a tire factory to a higher end office complex and the demolishing of a foam factory to make way for high end apartment buildings. Each year 7th Heaven’s existence seemed more and more out of place (but we think many felt that its location was part of its charm).

Overall, the Spring Mill Corporate Center has been working to add more parking to the property. Not sure if that is the eventual plan for the adjacent 7th Heaven property.

Once we learn the immediate plans and/or a definitive closing date we will update this article or publish more details in a new post.