8 East Addresses Rumors of Its’ Closing

MoreThanTheCurve.com received a phone call and couple emails a few weeks ago regarding 8 East closing. I made a few phone calls and the owners did not deny it was possible, but were working hard to make sure they did not close. I received the below press release today from 8 East:

8 East Restaurant and Bar of Conshohocken has announced that they have realigned their management team for 2012 to increase fiscal growth, quality and stability in their second year of operation. 8 East opened in October of 2011.

“We’re going to build on what we’ve been doing well for our first year,” stated Brad Craig, co-owner of 8 East Restaurant. “We’ll continue to have great food, fun promotions and a place for everyone to dance on the weekends in Conshohocken.

With any new business you have your ups and downs, but the bottom line is we’re here and we are not closing. We’ve added in some outside management, and will be enhancing our menu selections and events.” added Craig.

Recently, numerous rumors about 8 East closing after the new year have swirled around the town of Conshohocken., which has become a suburban destination for foodies and restaurant seekers in recent years with a large amount of new and diverse eateries opening in the town.

“Any time you change anything, or have a slow week, people talk, “ stated Craig. “Conshy has been great for us…the other restaurant owners in town are tremendously supportive. We all look to help each other out, and promote the town as a restaurant destination. We are not going anywhere, anytime soon. Things are great at 8 East.” finalized Craig.

So there you have it.