A Look Inside the Soon-to-Open LEGOLAND Discovery Center at the Plymouth Meeting Mall

Yesterday we had the chance, along with our five-year-old, to check out the LEGOLAND Discovery Center that officially opens on April 6th. Today there was an article on Philly.com exploring whether LEGOLAND can save the Plymouth Meeting Mall. We think it has a good shot.

Rocky running up the art museum steps at LEGOLAND Discovery Center at the @plymouthmeetingmall – it opens on April 6th

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Throughout the venue there are elaborate LEGO displays with a central space featuring key parts of Philadelphia including the art museum (there is a Rocky figure that runs up the steps), boathouse row, Pat’s Steaks, the sports arenas, Independence Hall, etc. These are behind glass. Some of these displays have moving pieces and light-up.

The other displays are interactive and have bins of LEGO bricks around them so you can add your own LEGO creations to them. Overall there are 10 play areas. These include ones designed for specific age groups, so the littler kids can play with the larger size LEGO bricks, and the bigger kids can build more intricate things like cars. Our five-year-old really enjoyed a table where you can build a structure and hit a button to shake the table like an earthquake to see if your building can withstand the shaking.

While everything is LEGO themed, you can do more than play with LEGO bricks. There is a LEGO 4-D theater, a ride where you have to use a magic wand (with a laser pointer) to burst bubbles, open treasure chests, etc., a room with laser beams that you have to climb over and under, birthday party rooms, a cafe with seating, and of course a store to sell you LEGO’s. Our five-year-old really enjoyed the pirate ship, which is a multi-level play area with secret doors, a slide, etc.

As we mentioned, LEGOLAND Discovery Center will open on April 6th. Tickets start at $19.00 and go up to $34.00. Annual passes are also available.

Below are more photos: