Agent Val Carlisle on working with RE/MAX Ready

Agent Val Carlisle has been with RE/MAX Ready her entire real estate career.

“I was the second person to join Matt and Eric’s new office…13 years ago! When we met, I could tell right away that their ideas about succeeding in this business were a perfect match for my own.”

What kind of “ideas about succeeding”?

“I had young kids. They were my top priority. Eric and Matt had zero problems with that, not like other employers. Everyone in our office gets the work/life balance they need to be themselves and to be successful, not some corporate soldier always under pressure. It just doesn’t get better than the two of them.”

You’re a veteran agent now. What role did Matt and Eric play in your growth?

“They’re the reason I’m successful. Any time I need their help or a quick answer, they are there for me. Not only are Eric and Matt hard-working, honest, smart, and excellent leaders, they’re great mentors and coaches, too. I’ve learned so much, and to this day I learn something with every transaction.” 

Thoughts about moving to another company?

“Never. I get recruited all the time but the answer doesn’t change: NOPE. Everyone in the office gets the individual help and support they need, and now there are more than 35 of us! Matt and Eric were ahead of their time 13 years ago and they still are.”   

 What about an agent who DOESN’T get that support, and who might be looking for a different opportunity?

“They should talk to my guys, and I mean today!”