ATM skimmers found at three 7-Elevens in Conshohocken and Norristown

The Conshohocken Police Department has announced that it is investigating the placement of a card reader and small camera found at the ATM machine at the 7-Eleven store at 601 Fayette Street in Conshohocken. The device is commonly referred to as a skimming device.

According to the notice, the card reader was located internally and the camera was placed above the keypad to capture the pin as it is entered.

The notice also shared that similar devices have been reported found in the area. The Norristown Police Department has also issued a similar notice as Conshohocken. Norristown police discovered two devices, one at the 7-Eleven on Johnson Highway and the other at the 7-Eleven on Sandy Hill Road. We were at the 7-Eleven on Johnson Highway in Norristown just after 3:00 p.m. today (Monday, March 6) when a Norristown police detective was there investigating and told a store employee that a device had been found.

Police advise that when using an ATM “the best practice is to check for any items that appear suspicious around the area of the keypad or where the card is inserted. Also, even if a camera isn’t observed it is best to cover the keypad with your hand while typing in your pin number.”

Police ask that anyone who recently used a local ATM to check for unauthorized withdrawals and contact their local police agency if needed.

Photo: Conshohocken Police Department