Augie | Pet of the Week

Augie was brought home to Roxborough at eight weeks of age while his human mother was recovering from a seizure. Augie has some health issues, including IBD (Inflammatory bowel), which makes it difficult for him to keep food in his system. This results in him losing weight. However, due to much perseverance, and activities to build muscle tone, he has been able to maintain his weight between 93-98 pounds.

Augie periodically attends daycare, where he plays with other fur friends. However, he really enjoys swimming in the enclosed swimming pool. He will swim forever if allowed and loves to grab tennis balls along the way. He also likes to dress up for various holidays.

Augie was named “Dog of the Week” at his daycare (and is their star swimmer and partygoer when he has his BARKday parties). 

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