Bend the Knee Conshohocken!

This has been a really interesting week. Over the past couple of weeks, published articles detailing the Borough of Conshohocken’s inability to respond fully to a right to know request pertaining to insurance and Borough Council’s claim they didn’t know the Borough used an insurance broker connected to the Area Leader of the Democratic Party (Democrats hold a six to one majority on Borough Council).

This week, Jason Salus, the treasurer of Montgomery County and the area leader for local Democrats, apparently called Brian Pieri, the owner of three restaurants in Conshohocken, and threatened him over his advertising on According to Pieri, Salus also referred to Kevin Tierney (that’s me) as an anti-Semite during the call. Pieri lambasted him on Facebook and that post has garnered a lot of attention. Here is Pieri’s post:

The Conshohocken Democrats, again for which Salus serves as the Area Leader, posted on its Facebook page screen shots from Kevin Tierney’s (still me) personal Facebook page. It was a weird attempt to try to divert attention away from the insurance issue.

Side note – there is something very odd about the post made by the Conshohocken Democrat’s Facebook page. The page has 300 likes. The post got a total of two likes and one comment. However, it garnered over 1,000 shares. We have screen captures showing how it jumped in the number of shares in the very early hours of September 26th. If you are tech savvy, we would love you to poke around this post and let us know what you think. 

Yesterday, a Facebook account under the name Josh Cohn was commenting on’s Facebook page using the same personal post content the Conshohocken Democrats page used. Today it was someone using a Facebook handle taken from the “Name Game Song” attacking us under Pieri’s Facebook post.

Last night one of our little birds (another Game of Thrones reference) shared an Instagram post with us which declared Kevin Tierney (yep, still me) “King of the Yuppies.” We are not sure the date of this post as its private. It could be older than this week. Either way, its hilarious. Be sure to take a look at that Instagram handle.

So when we originally started this post, the headline, “Bend the Knee Conshohocken” (which is a Game of Thrones reference) was making fun of the fact that we have been crowned “King of the Yuppies.” However, after reading Pieri’s post again, “Bend the Knee” is what Salus was demanding of him. Thankfully Pieri resisted.

So now what?. Salus holds an elected position that is not up for re-election until 2019. He also holds two positions within the Democratic Party structure. He is Vice-Chair at the county level and the Area Leader for Conshohocken, Plymouth and Whitemarsh.

Pieri’s allegation against Salus is a pretty tough one to look past. He also allegedly slandered Kevin Tierney (that’s me) and then attempted to impact’s revenue through this slander.

And who exactly is the administrator of the Conshohocken Democrats’ Facebook page? Is Salus the administrator? We do not know. However, local Democrats, if you are bothered by all this, note that they are using your local party name in an attempt to settle a score. Is that what you want?

This isn’t likely to just go away. The call to Pieri has dramatically increased the interest in this story. Even if the insurance issue is totally innocent, the call to Pieri is something that we can’t see anyone defending.

The question is will the Democrats act to make Salus go away? Or will Conshohocken be asked to continue to bend the knee?

Thank you to everyone who texted, called, etc, messages of support. We will not be intimidated.

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