Borough of Conshohocken Advertises Job Description for Director of Parks & Recreation

The Borough of Conshohocken posted to its website and social media today a job description for a Director of Parks & Recreation. This is a new position that appears to bring the position, that had been the Executive Director of the Fellowship House, completely under Borough authority. In the past, the Borough funded the salary of the Executive Director, who then also worked with the Board of the independent Fellowship House. As we reported last week, the Borough is in the process of taking over the operation of the Fellowship House.

So if you want to be the Ron Swanson of Conshy, below is the job description:

Wednesday, 05 November 2014
Friday, 28 November 2014
Conshohocken PA
Conshohocken PA
JOB_DESCRIPTION: Department:       Recreation Services and Parks

Position:               Director, Parks and Recreation Services 

Reports to:           Borough Manager 

Supervises:         Employees assigned to the Department of Recreation Services and Parks; including seasonal recreation program employees and independent contractors and contracted services.

Hours:                   FLSA Exempt Position


Purpose: The purpose of this position is to professionally and responsibly direct the recreation services and parks department activities in accordance with and as prescribed by the Borough Council, Borough Manager and position summary, in meeting the recreation goals and objectives of the Borough.


Tasks:   The director is responsible for managing the recreation services, Park and Recreation Facilities : natural resources coordinating  fiscal and budget


Supervising Monitoring the work of parks maintenance workers, and works cooperatively with the Superintendent or Director of Public Works who directs their daily work and assignments.


Prepares, organizes, and schedules activities and special events offered by Conshohocken Borough Department of Recreation Services and Parks Secures and negotiates with potential program instructors for new activities. Works closely with the public information officer in the Office of the Borough manager on all Borough sponsored or sanctioned events. Supervises hired program instructors to ensure appropriate facilities and needed supplies are secure to provide a high quality leisure and recreational program opportunities for Conshohocken Borough residents. Develops brochures, flyers and past participant letters designed to advertise and market recreational activities offered by Conshohocken Borough Department of Recreation Services and Parks, working closely with the colonial school district, neighboring municipalaties, private schools, and private businesses and organizations in scheduling use of facilities and offering of recreational activities. May develop and implement program staff training for camp counselors. Prepares Staff Reports and department needs assessment for the Borough Manager as needed.

Schedules the use of and monitors Borough recreation facilities, including, but not limited to athletic fields, parks, fellowship house community center and rowing center. Advises others of needed maintenance and repairs, assures on-going maintenance improvements and plans and recommends long term capital projects.



Conditions: General office computers, vast majority of work is confidential in nature, time and information sensitive. 


Required Skills, Knowledge and Abilities: High school diploma or equivalent, bachelor of arts or sciences in English or communications is strongly preferred; administrative and secretarial experience preferred but not required; ability to read, comprehend and write English; familiarity with office and computer technology equipment; flexibility; demonstrated ability to work for more than one person; self- motivated; ability to set goals and priorities and achieve them; organizational skills; ability to listen, comprehend and communicate information. Experience in municipal or State government is preferred. Position will be challenging, and may have periods of stress; demonstrated ability to work independently.


This job description does not list all the duties of the job. The Borough Manager or his designated members of the Management team may ask employee, to perform other job related duties. Employee will be evaluated in part based upon performance of the tasks listed in the job description.


Qualified applicants should submit a resume, concise one page cover letter, and salary requirements to the Borough Manager, 1 West First Avenue, Suite 200, Conshohocken, PA 19428 or by e-mail to This position is open until filled. Review of submittals begins immediately.