Borough of Conshohocken No Longer Offering Commercial Trash/Recycling Services

The Borough of Conshohocken has announced that it is ending its commercial trash and recycling service. Below is the letter received by businesses that utilized this service:

The Borough also recently announced that it will no longer collect grass clippings starting in January 2019. According to the Borough’s website, during the summer these clippings would constitute more than 50% of residential trash. During a recent public meeting it was shared by Director of Public Works Ray Sokolowski that the facility that took these clippings would no longer accept them. The Borough’s website encourages residents to leave them in their yards and allow them to act as fertilizer.

The Borough has also adjusted how it handles residential recycling when it falls on a holiday. From the Borough’s website:

After reviewing the input received from the community, the Department of Public Services will now include a make up recycle day following a holiday. A day was chosen that will allow Public Services to complete recycling pick-up while still allowing them to accomplish ongoing projects throughout the Borough.

Moving forward, Wednesday will be the make up recycle collection day for both sides of town. Therefore, when your trash and recycle collection day falls on a holiday, your recyclables will be collected on Wednesday and your trash will be collected on your next scheduled collection day.

Residents are also getting new trash and recycling containers.