Borough of Conshohocken set to allow Conshy Bears to play its upcoming season with new code of conduct

During the Conshohocken Bears’ 2020 season, the Borough of Conshohocken received complaints about the behavior of those attending the Bears’ events. The Bears utilize A. A. Garthwaite Stadium and the adjacent “B” field for its games and practices.

Due to this, the Borough of Conshohocken developed a code of conduct and a set of conditions for the Bears to operate under during its upcoming season. If the code of conduct is found to be violated during the season it will result in the termination of the youth football and cheer program’s ability to continue to use the fields. A termination could even take place during the season.

The code of conduct includes (not a complete list):

  • no parking on West 13th Avenue
  • no drug use, smoking, or alcohol
  • no loud and/or profane music
  • trash must be cleaned up post-event

The Bears will also not have a first-right to use the fields (in the past, other leagues and events had to work their schedules around the Bears’ schedule), pay $3,900 towards field maintenance and extra bathrooms, and place $2,500 in escrow as a security deposit. The Bears organization has accepted the code of conduct and the conditions.

The past problems and the new agreement were presented to Conshohocken’s Borough Council during its April 7th meeting by Borough Manager Stephanie Cecco. Borough Council will vote on the matter at an upcoming meeting.

During the public comment portion of the meeting neighbors to the fields stated that their driveways had been blocked, people attending games had entered their yards, at least one fight was witnessed, and public urination.

In recent years, the organization’s teams have won several championships.