Brain-Pad is a privately held corporation, founded in Conshohocken in 1995 specifically for the promotion, manufacture, and sale of customized Brain-Pad® dual-arch mouth-guards designed to reduce the risk of concussion from lower jaw impacts while increasing endurance and performance.

Brain-Pad, Inc. has become a leader in technology development in this field and has several million units in use. Its Brain-Pad® products are available in retail and wholesale outlets as well as through distributors, contact sports leagues, professional organizations, school teams at intermediate, high-school, college, and university level.

Brain-Pad_NatureZone_webBrain-Pad® products are well-accepted by professional sports athletes in boxing, mixed martial arts, football and many other contact sports and is the only sports mouth guard on the market that has been tested and proven to reduce impact forces at the base of the skull and brain. Brain-Pad® products also include shock-absorbing wrist, arm and head-bands as well as: juniors’, women’s, men’s, and professional athlete’s dual-arch protective and high performance mouth-guards.

Additionally, Brain-Pad, Inc. recently developed, patented, and commercially released a premium ultra-violet/ozone oral appliance sanitizer, the NatureZone™, available to the retailers and distributors but exclusively distributed to the professional dental industry by Henry Schein, Inc., the largest global distributor of dental and medical products to dentists, dental laboratories and physicians.

Brain-Pad, Inc.’s corporate headquarters are located at 322 Fayette St. Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. For product or company details contact: 610-397-0893,, or visit