Brazilian bakery Merenda Box to officially open in Conshohocken on March 24th

Merenda Box, the Brazilian bakery from Daniela de Souza who owns ‘feine, will have its grand opening on Friday, March 24th at 801 East Hector Street in Conshohocken. If you heard that the bakery has been quietly open this week, it is true, however, it will be closed on Thursday to prepare for the grand opening.

“I am excited to welcome customers to experience and enjoy the Brazilian soul through our recipes,” said de Souza. “Customers will be able to taste the heart and soul of Brazilian culture through eating one of our snacks or small meals, called ‘merendas’ in Portuguese.”

Highlights from the menu according to de Souza are:

  • Pão de queijo – Daniela’s famous Brazilian cheese bread
  • Queijo Waffle-wich – Breakfast sandwich on a waffle made of Daniela’s Pão de queijo
  • Sonhos – the dream! Deep fried donuts filled with cream or doce de leite and tossed in sugar
  • Brigadeiro – a traditional Brazilian dessert made with condensed milk, butter, and cocoa powder
  • Coxinha – popular food with shredded chicken wrapped in dough shaped like a drumstick
  • Bolinho de bacalhau – Made with a mixture of potatoes, salted codfish, eggs, parsley, onion
  • Pastel – fried dough with meat and cheese combinations similar to an empanada

Having grown up in Rio, de Souza, hopes the bakery is a representation and reflection of home, family, and the tastes and sounds of Brazil. Sh is excited to share her unique tempero, (which means big flavors, seasoning, and unique combinations of ingredients), when the doors open officially on March 24th.

You can view the menu here.