Catalyst Experiential offers parking lot and other improvements in West Conshohocken in return for the right to have digital billboards at Front and Matsonford

During a meeting of West Conshohocken’s Borough Council on October 13th, Catalyst Experiential made a presentation that detailed how it would make improvements to the parking situation and aesthetics of West Conshohocken in return for the right to have two digital billboards at the corner of Front Street and Matsonford Road. The above image shows proposed billboard facing the Matsonford Bridge.

In regards to parking, Catalyst has secured an agreement to purchase the two homes at 203 and 207 Ford Street. It proposes to knock down these two homes and replace them with a 20 space parking lot. The 20 spaces would be given at no cost (through a 99-year lease that can be transferred upon sale of the property) to the 20 closest homes without off-street parking. Catalyst believes this would increase the value of these homes individually by over $20,000.

Catalyst proposes to hide the parking lot with a facade that would mimic the look of the nearby homes. Access to the lot would be controlled.

In addition to the parking lot, Catalyst proposes to add an evergreen tree line of about 50 trees that would provide the homes backing up to Matsonford Road with more privacy and protection from traffic noise and lights. There are some trees there now, but they are not evergreens.

Catalyst also proposes to make improvements to the building that is home to Jasper’s WestSide. The representative from Catalyst described aesthetically pleasing features of the front of the building and how the back of the building could be improved.

Catalyst proposes to relocate the fire escapes and remove the fencing. It would then extend the brick wall to the back of the property. The extension of the wall would just be a facade (the red line shows the actual building and what would be added). The purpose of this would be to create a more welcoming entrance to the town.

A new stone structure would then contain the two digital billboards, which the representative of Catalyst referred to as the “engine” that drives the entire project.

Borough Council members agreed to continue discussions with Catalyst about the proposal, but did not make a commitment to support it at this time.

If this sounds familiar, it is because this is similar to a proposal made by Catalyst in 2019. That proposal sought to secure an agreement with PennDOT to create a 24-space parking lot along Matsonford Road that you would reach via Cedar Avenue. PennDOT was not favorable to utilizing that space for parking due to it being on top of a culvert.