Changing Demographic in Conshohocken or Is Running Just More Popular?

In 1981 one person from Conshohocken, Steve Butler, ran the Broad Street Run. In 2015 there are 419 entrants from Conshohocken. West Conshohocken had zero entrants in 1981, Lafayette Hill had one, Hal Davidow, and Plymouth Meeting had one, Lynwodd Pettie. In 2015 those towns have seven, 168 and 140 entrants respectively.

We took a look at the dawn of each decade to see how participation grew:


Conshohocken – 20
West Conshohocken – 0
Lafayette Hill – 25
Plymouth Meeting – 8


Conshohocken – 72
West Conshohocken – 1
Lafayette Hill – 65
Plymouth Meeting – 30


Conshohocken – 100
West Conshohocken – 5
Lafayette Hill – 100
Plymouth Meeting – 98

So as you can see, there been a steady growth of participants from West Conshy, Lafayette Hill and Plymouth Meeting. But there was a huge jump in participants from Conshohocken between the 100 who ran in 2010 and the 419 in 2015.

So what do you think? Running just more popular or changing demographic?

Please note that these numbers aren’t perfect. The older data includes anyone who has listed a town as their residence in any participating year.