Congressional Round-Up – Week of 11/23/09

We have mostly just posted stories about the 6th and 7th Congressional Districts, which represent Conshohocken and West Conshohocken.  However, I recently figured out with the help of Borough Council member Jason Salus that a part of the 13th Congressional District includes an area of Whitemarsh Township that has a Conshohocken mailing address (which is good enough for us).  So if you live in Precinct W-3 in Whitemarsh, welcome to Conshohocken.

In the 6th, Curt Schroder (R) gets a few endorsements.

In the 6th, 911 Commissioner endorses Doug Pike (D).

In the 6th, Pike also got the endorsement from a bunch of unions.

In the 7th, Bryan Lentz (D) starts a new website.

In the 7th, Gail Conner (D) playing catch-up.

In the 7th, Pat Meehan (R) addressed the League of Women Voters.

In the 7th, an Independent, Jim Schneller, joins the race.

In the 13th….since we haven’t really posted anything about them, here are the candidates websites:

Allyson Schwartz (D) (Incumbent) click here

Damian Dachowski (R) click here

Josh Quinter (R) click here

Dee Adcock (R) – It appears she filed the paperwork, but doesn’t have a website I could find.