Brian Pieri

Brian Pieri

How long have you lived and/or worked in Conshohocken?

I have lived in Conshohocken for almost 8 years.  Moved here in 2002 shortly after I graduated from PSU and started working as a Stock Broker for American Express in W. Conshohocken. I began there in 2000.

How did you choose Conshohocken as a place to open a business?

I have developed a lot of roots here, and felt I really understood the town.  Plus it was personal for me. I always wanted to run a business where my neighbors could stop in, I could employ people from the town, and really entrench myself in a neighborhood.  I have just grown to love Conshohocken, and felt there was something missing that I could provide.

Tell us about your business…

It’s a small upscale neighborhood restaurant and bar on 9th and Fayette called The StoneRose Restaurant.  I named it after my mom, who lost her battle with cancer in 2005, as she was such a big influence in my life and I wanted my restaurant to be personal and mean more to me then just a business. We also went all out to make it truly a “neighborhood place”. All of our taps are local beers.  We do a ton of buy local for most of our menu items and have farmers who stop in with market veggies  and herbs every week.  We have a moderately priced menu, a wine list that is very personal ( I have drank every bottle on our list many times over) and a feel that we hope blends both a hip city feel, but comfortable for any person to come for dinner or drinks.

We also have Conshohockens first open air window in the front that retracts during warmer days. I opened it with a great chef, Jason Lipnicki, on board and one of my best friends Jim Maglio as the General Manager. I couldn’t have asked for two better people to have help get this off the ground. Our menu turned out amazing and is getting rave reviews!

What do you love most about Conshohocken?

I love how random of a place it is. You have residents from all different backgrounds, huge office buildings a stone throw away from old steel mills.  I also admire how it has adapted.  It went through a rough period where Conshohocken was falling off the map, and now because of the potential everyone saw in the town, it’s a great success turn around story.  I only hope they keep it going and truly help it reach its potential!

I also love the feel of having some aspects of city living with plenty of restaurants and shops, but with some space so things like parking and having a dog are not the nightmare they can be inside the city. I lived for years next to to a young couple who transplanted into Conshohocken, and a Conshohocken resident of 65 years and it was just great to see both sides of where this town has come from.

What are your favorite places in Conshohocken?

I love so many places in Conshy.  I eat out almost every meal so you can find me shooting the breeze with Lenny grabbing a pork sandwhich or stopping into the Great American Pub to see many familiar faces.

If I want a quieter night I will go to the Spring Mill Café, which along with Blackfish I think has really helped keep Conshohocken on the culinary map, we hope to continue that trend.  There are just so many places and to be honest, I have never lived in a town with such a diverse spectrum, where you can go from top notch cuisine to dive bar in about 100 steps and have a great time at both.  I also love all the festivals and events Conshy holds on Fayette St.  I have lived near Sutcliffe park for years, and look forward to the fireworks each and every 4th of July.

Any idea who nominated you?

Not a clue…Hopefully someone who likes the StoneRose!