Conshohocken – Who Knew It Was Rural – UPDATED

So the Borough of Conshohocken had four videos produced to promote Conshohocken.  These have been worked on for a while now and today we noticed they had been posted to while looking for some other information.  Please note that we can’t embed the videos (or at least we can’t figure it out), so you will need to click the link in the preceding sentence to view.  The videos are on the left side of the Borough’s website.

The videos are nice enough.  Much better than the disastrous one produced by Media’s Borough Council that was narrated by former NFL quarterback, bit player in 80’s movie Cannonball Run, and current pro football commentator for FOX, Terry Bradshaw, who has absolutely no connection to Media.

A couple things did jump out at us.  In the first video titled Welcome, Borough Council President Paul McConnell is recognized on-screen as “President of Rural Council.”  Conshy must be Philadelphia’s back 40.

In the final video titled Real Estate and Relocation the narrator sounds like one of those computer generated voice overs.  The narrator also refers to the The Grande (pronounced The Grand) as “Grande” like ordering a medium at Starbucks.

Watch the videos and let us know what you think.

Update – A follower on Facebook pointed out Conshohocken is misspelled in the video across the top of the screen.  The videos have also been replaced with a “coming soon” image.