Conshohocken’s Aaron Scotti Appearing in Budz House

Conshohocken native Aaron Scotti (the blonde in the photo above) is starring in the new film “Budz House” which is being released to select theaters on April 13th.  Scotti plays Pretty Tony, who is one of Bud’s partners in crime.  The plot of the film, from the film’s website, is:

Bud Howard and his stoner buddies hit the jackpot when they come up with a giant bag of kush. They quickly realize it belongs to a trigger-happy drug lord, and hide it under their house. When an unexpected bathroom mishap accidentally fertilizes the stash, they seize the opportunity to sell the “super weed.” Now Bud and his friends must escape the crossfire of rival gangs while still finding time to save their weed and get high.

Prior to filming “Budz House,” a few of Scotti’s credits include The Brian McKnight Show, All My Children, Hack, Annapolis and Long Shadows.  No local theaters are scheduled to show the film as yet, but will keep you posted and when that changes and when it becomes available for download or rental.  The trailer above just had some passing shots of Scotti, if you want to see some of his lines from the film and his other work click here.