Conshohocken’s Borough Council Takes Unusual Step in Endorsing Request Before Zoning Hearing Board

During last night’s Zoning Hearing Board meeting in Conshohocken something very unusual happened. The hearing was over a proposed office building and parking garage on the 200 block of Washington Street. The project is presented as a corporate headquarters of a large international corporation and is rumored to be AmerisourceBergen.

What was the unusual thing that happened? Conshohocken’s Borough Council sent its solicitor, Michael Savona, to endorse the project. From the Times Herald:

Conshohocken Solicitor Michael Savona, representing Conshocken borough council, said borough officials supported OPG’s requests for variances. and were happy to.

“It would increase the size of the building that was approved earlier by your board,” he said. “The amphitheater would provide opportunities for a real true public park. It would help us form a performing arts venue. This application warrants the borough’s support.”

Savona said it was “the first time in nine years” that council had decided to express an opinion on any zoning matter, either for it or against it.

“It is a very rare occasion to send the borough solicitor to the zoning board,” Savona said. “It is a corporate tenant that would have a tremendous impact on the borough. It would bring with it a wealth of opportunity to the borough.”

The Zoning Hearing voted 4-1 to approve the requested variances and now the project can continue to go forward. The sole vote against was by Russ Cardamone.

Regarding the unusual action by Borough Council, we emailed a Borough official today to ask if a vote was taken to send Savona to the meeting and the breakdown of that vote.

We will let you know when we know.