Conshy Celebrity – Henry Racich

Racich (left) with Kamal from the Roots.

How did you come to live and/or work in Conshohocken?

I was born and raised (baptized in the Schuylkill) in Conshohocken. I remember “Conshohocken” being the first really long word that I learned how to spell.  I went to Harvey S. Walker Elementary School (now Conshohocken Elementary) and then Plymouth Whitemarsh High School where I wrestled and played football.  My entire family is from Conshy.  Conshy has been good to me so I am happy to be able to give a little back.  This town has a lot of good people in it and I have developed many life long friendships while living here.  I am truly a CONSHY guy and proud of it!!

What do you do (career wise)?

I host a boxing show on ESPN Radio and I am a professional boxing trainer/strength coach. I train some professional athletes such as Jameer Nelson (Orlando Magic), Andre Iguadala (76ers ), Craig Brackens (76ers) and Roots musician Kamal Grey.  Seven days a week I also train and teach a boot camp type class for locals at the Fellowship House. I have  always enjoyed working with good people. My clients are the best!  Come try the boot camp and the first class is on me!!   You can check me out at

I recently took a position on the marketing team for the Philadelphia Soul. Always looking for the next adventure and I definitely live outside of the box!

What are you involved in outside of work?

I do a lot of fund raising for kids groups, such as Fight Night at the Fell, which is being held on August 12th. I also own the two time national champion Conshohocken Steelers minor league football team that will return to the field of play in 2012.  Athletics are a huge piece of my life.

I am also coaching at the youth level this season with the 105 lb. Conshy Bears and have formed a kids boxing team out of The Fellowship House. I have learned that you have to keep kids busy or they will find trouble (trust me I know since I’ve found my share).

I  also have three beautiful children Jake (13), Libby (4) and Henry (2.5) that keep me pretty busy.  Honestly they keep me going and are my heart.  I would be lost with out their laughter in my life.  I am blessed.

What do you love most about Conshohocken?

I love what is left of the small town feel. It is a great place to raise your children. The fireworks, Soap box Derby, Little league sports, the 10 churches and 9 bars!! I have witnessed the transformation being here for 40 years. I hope we keep a lil of the old Conshy. I love the self containment of this place. If you need it you can find it in Conshy. I love that for the most part people are real and honest here. They tend to support each other. It is a character town! I mean what is a person or place worth without integrity, honesty and character? Conshy has all three!

What are your favorite places in Conshohocken?

I pretty much hit the conshy loop. Guppy’s, Spamps, Boathouse and the Pub, etc., as far as food and fun.  The Fellowship House is where my gym is and I grew up in that building.  I enjoy the small family businesses too;  Flocco’s, Outbound Station, Totaros, Conshy PT, Beanie Bounce and Superfit. I mean if you are around here long enough you get very well connected. Its that type of town.