Cost of proposed shuttle in Conshohocken tops $230,000 annually

During the October 4th meeting of Conshohocken’s borough council there was a presentation from GVF (Greater Valley Forge Transportation) regarding the proposed shuttle that would operate in Conshohocken. GVF managed the RFP process on behalf of the borough. Four proposals were received from transportation companies to operate the shuttle and GVF recommended Suburban Transit Network.

Aa currently outlined, the shuttle would operate Wednesday through Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. On Sunday the hours would be 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. It would seat 14 people and have a rack for two bikes. There would the opportunity to track the shuttle’s route via an app.

As of now, the current stops are:

Matson Mill at 101 Washington Street
The Birch at 51 Washington Street
SEPTA Train Station at 10 Washington Street
Lumina at 301 Washington Street
Riverwalk at 309 Washington Street
Pepperoncini at 72 Poplar Street
Bar Sera at 382 East Elm Street
Bar Luca at 729 East Hector Street
Courts at Spring Mill at 1101 East Hector Street
Giant at 10 East Ridge Pike

Sherry Lake at 1801 Butler Pike
Plymouth Park Apartments at 1700 Butler Pike
Plymouth Gardens at 1300 Fayette Street
The StoneRose at 822 Fayette Street
Deli on 4th at 326 Fayette Street
Nudy’s Café at 100 Fayette Street
AmerisourceBergen at 1 West 1st Avenue
Guppy’s at 2 Maple Street
400 West Elm Street at 400 West Elm Street

The stops were discussed during the meeting and it was stressed that the existing list was something to start with and that they likely will be revised prior to the start of the shuttle’s service (if approved). The shuttle wouldn’t stick to the borough’s borders. It would travel from residential areas to commercial areas to serve restaurants and retail centers (such as a grocery store).

The cost of the shuttle annually would be $235,025.50 (or $4,519.72 a week or $87.00 per hour or operation).

In the RFP, it outlined that seniors would be able to utilize the service for free with specific identification and that the non-seniors would purchase tickets from the driver, however, it also mentions that the borough could offer the shuttle service for free. Whether the borough would pay for the shuttle outright or utilize tickets to recoup some money wasn’t discussed during the October 4th meeting.

The borough council will need to vote at a future meeting to move the proposed shuttle service forward. You can watch the presentation online (the presentation starts at the 29:49 mark).