Couple Has Baby in Moving Car on I-95 Outside Boston. Husband Works in West Conshohocken

Nick and Kathryn Fazzie’s baby was not due for another seven weeks when the Fazzie’s found themselves on I-95 near Boston rushing to a hospital because Kathryn had gone into labor. It was also snowing, the middle of the night, they had no gas, and had their toddler in the back seat.

They didn’t make it to the hospital and Kathryn delivered the baby in the front seat of the car.

The baby, Archie Boxford Fazzie, and mom are fine.

Nick works in West Conshohocken at Hirtle, Callaghan and Co. If you go to the Jersey Shore in Cape May County, Kathryn’s family owns Fudgy Wudgy.

You can read’s article on the birth here.

Photo: Nick Fazzie’s Facebook