CPW Rotary not planning beer festival in Conshohocken or elsewhere in 2023

The Conshohocken Plymouth Whitemarsh Rotary (or CPW Rotary) has decided against holding a beer festival in Conshohocken or elsewhere in 2023. As you may recall, the organization held the Conshohocken Beer Festival at A. A. Garthwaite Stadium in Conshohocken in 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 (in 2015 it was held at The Proving Grounds). After the pandemic, there was an effort to revive the festival at the stadium but Conshohocken’s Borough Council denied the request from the Rotary to rent the facility.

Please note that Burb Media, the parent company of MoreThanTheCurve.com, has provided management and marketing services to the Rotary for the event every year it has been held.

After the denial in Conshohocken, the festival was held at Lulu Shriners in Plymouth Meeting. “While we had a great event in Plymouth Meeting, we did not have the ticket sales or sponsorship that we had in Conshohocken, shared Eric Dean, the current president of the CPW Rotary.” All of the feedback we have received about the event is that our patrons hope it is able to be held in Conshohocken in the future.”

When held in Conshohocken, the event easily sold 2,000 tickets. In Plymouth Meeting, there were approximately 800 tickets sold.

The fact is that people loved the event in Conshohocken. They invited friends over before and after the event. The bars and restaurants were packed afterwards. There was a sense of community about it. And most importantly it raised a lot of money for the Rotary’s good work.

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