For Fun | Conshohocken described as something out of a Stephen King novel

The band Nothing came to record at Conshohocken’s Studio 4 just as the pandemic got underway in 2020. In a recent interview with Atlantic City Weekly, the band’s founder and vocalist Dominic “Nicky” Palermo referenced the 2020 early pandemic-era Conshohocken in an amusing way. He described it as “like something out of a Stephen King novel.”

His response came in response to a series of questions on how the pandemic impacted the recording of the album and the isolation that came with the pandemic.

Yeah. We had an AirBnb behind the studio for a month. And, if you aren’t familiar with it, Conshohocken is like something out of a Stephen King novel. It’s close to Philly, but you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere. And it was just a ghost town. It felt so eerie to be there. Nothing was open except the beer distributer, so we drank a whole lot when we were there.

Below is a video from one of the songs recorded in Conshohocken. You can read the entire interview here.