Former Flyers Captain Mike Richards recalls positive experience in Plymouth Meeting

Former Philadelphia Flyers Captain Mike Richards is returning to Philadelphia for the Flyers Hall of Fame weekend to play in the weekend’s alumni game on January 26th. Kevin Kurz of The Athletic recently interviewed Richards about in lead up to his return to Philadelphia and the article opens with Richards discussing a positive experience he had in Plymouth Meeting. From the article:

It’s been a little while since former Flyers captain Mike Richards has been in the Philadelphia area. More precisely, it was six years ago, when he flew in for an autograph signing at the Plymouth Meeting Mall in January 2018.

He was pretty surprised by the sizable turnout of fans that wanted to meet him, or have a quick chat about “basically, the good old days,” he said.

“It was all positive. Kind of surprising that there wasn’t one negative thing said, but I guess if you’re traveling up to (Plymouth Meeting), you’re not going to drive there just to chirp me,” Richards said.

You can read the full article here.