Police in Conshohocken and Plymouth Township to focus speeding and aggressive driving along West Elm Street corridor

The Conshohocken Police Department has announced that it is working with the Plymouth Township Police Department to increase the presence of police in the area of West Elm Street that falls within both municipalities.

Residents along this corridor have reported that it is unsafe for pedestrians due to the speed of vehicles traveling through the area. There have also been three incidents that had vehicles strike a pedestrian, home, and fence.

Residents have also asked Plymouth Township to request that PennDOT to install a stop sign at the intersection of West Elm and Light streets. PennDOT denied that request but promised signage announcing the intersection in an effort to slow traffic through the area. The street is owned by the state.

The new focus on the area will involve speed checks and looking for aggressive driving.

Photo: Conshohocken Police Department