Free Trees Available Through the Borough (Not Christmas Trees)

There are a handful of FREE street trees, not Christmas trees, available to Conshohocken residents to be planted during the ongoing ‘open space’ project.  They only have canopy or large varieties of trees available that will grow to be in excess of 50 feet tall.  If the space above your ‘verge’ does not have overhead wires and you wish to have a street tree, please call Jennifer Guckin, Borough Office Supervisor at 610-828-1092 x142.

The trees are being planted in an area referred to as the “verge” which is a part of the right of way and the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain.  An example of this maintenance requirement is how you are responsible to mow the lawn in this area.  You will have the same responsibility for the new tree being planted.

The trees being planted are very young, approximately eight to 10 feet tall, and will require minimal maintenance on your behalf for the next several years.  This tree care will include basic watering, pruning, leaf removal and in the case of the tree’s failure, removal of the tree.

First come, first serve.